Creating a New Story as A Wild Wisdom Keeper

29 Jan

 Put your ass where your heart wants to go ~ Steven Pressfield

“Oh Hell No” my Inner Shrinking Violet shrieked. “Be interviewed? Seriously? Not going to happen! I’m the interviewer not the interviewee.”

Well then my Inner Bad Ass decided to come to the party, and without an invite I might add. “Hell Yes – you are SO doing the interview since you yammer in my ear about how needed and wanted the feminine paradigm and the knowing of the Wild Wisdom Keepers are – you bet you’re ass you’re going to say yes to Alison” And because I listen to my Inner Bad Ass when she gets riled up as well as all of the wise women in my life I did indeed say yes to Alison Palmer’s invitation to be part of the free Women Entrepreneurs Over 50 telesummit where 20 fabulous women (yep one of them is me) are in conversation about bizness, money and how life flows differently when you’re over 50, or does it?

So as my Inner Bad Ass alluded to I, of course, talked about creating our businesses within a feminine paradigm. Which for me is about creating your life with intention and from the place of heart. It is creating your bizness with the qualities of the feminine – collaboration, empathy, nurturance, and community building, to name a few. It’s about creating your life and your bizness that is in alignment with your vision and core values and aligning your decisions and choices, using your values as a filter for choice. On the call I give you an exercise to determine what your own core values are as well as some yummy free gifts which you can hear on February 5th if you sign up HERE.

Women Move Mountains

And getting older changes everything. As women we are faced with the over culture, as Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes all the male paradigm, dismissing us as we move into our wise wisdom years. We become invisible to the mainstream media and we’re expendable to the corporate world but as entrepreneurs we can bring our in-depth wisdom and skills and knowledge to business and make a difference in the world.

When I read ‘Fifty is the New Fifty’ by former MS editor Suzanne Braun Levine I laughed out loud when she called the 50s the “f*ck you fifties” where we as woman choose to stop taking care of everyone else and caring about what they think to begin to explore who we are and what we want. And it takes work to figure out what that is because so many of us have been so busy accommodating others we don’t even know what brings us joy or pleasure or happiness.


We are constantly marketed to from the old paradigm while it dresses itself up all pretty like in the feminine paradigm by using the language of women and spirituality. It is not “5 easy steps to being an entrepreneur” where you bring in the mother lode dressed in 6 and 7 figure incomes. Creating your bizness from the feminine paradigm is all about relationship building and we as women are brilliant at it. And let me be very clear – all bizness is about relationship building – including the dreaded 9 letter word MARKETING! And there is definitely heavy lifting involved in being an entrepreneur and if you’re doing what you love that is aligned with your core values and how you want to feel, the heavy lifting just feels different. Doing it in a way that is uniquely aligned to who YOU truly are brings a different texture and flavor and delight to the work. The women I talk to don’t want to be balancing 20 balls up in the air anymore or working 80 hour work WEEKS, or making their raison d’etre other people without giving themselves love and support.

As author Tosha Silver says perhaps there are those women “who can hold a tripod headstand for an hour while chanting two hundred Sanskrit verses and tossing a salad with her toes. And at the same time raising children, having relationships with lovers, friends and family and meditating two hours each day, exercising and being a peaceful loving human being” – HELLO – so not interested. Nope as Hafiz says –

“Run my dear from anyone and anything that does not strengthen your precious budding wings.”

Figure out what you love to do – you don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to be on every social media site, do speaking engagements, write blog posts every week as well as guest blogging, creating telesummits, video summits, online courses, weekly workshops, all while tossing a salad with your feet!

As women over 50 we changed the conversation – we’re now talking about our bodies, our sexuality, equal rights, abuse, the old boys network. Let’s woman up and change it again.


Let’s believe our voices and stories are important and have the courage to share them. Let’s join together in solidarity and strength to support one another, to hold out a hand to each other, to be honest with one another about the truth of what it takes to be mothers and leaders; friends and lovers. Let’s talk truthfully what it takes to be a woman entrepreneur – pull back the veil for each other.

We need to bring the values of a female paradigm to bear. And that means we need to have the difficult conversation and be willing to have confrontation and disagree and take a stand for what we believe is needed and wanted in the world.

Let’s have generational conversations where we respect and honour the wisdom that comes from each generation and learn from one another.

Let’s start being in conversation with other women who are celebrating their wise elder years. Give gratitude to these fabulous bodies of ours that have taken us so far; be in inquiry about how we want to live this next journey. Write, draw, create. Give of ourselves to ourselves and then give from the overflow to what we are passionate about. Figure out what makes us happy. And if you want help exploring who you are as a Wild Wisdom Keeper come join me and my Cosmic Crones for our one month on-line course: Riding the Winds of Change Into a Luscious Life as a Female Elder where you get to rock it out with Catt Geller, Havi Mandell, Susan Rossi, Caron McCloud and me.

Wild Wisdom Keepers

Whether in your life our your bizness bee outrageously honest with yourself about what stories you’re telling yourself about being this age and what you can and can’t do and, if need be, write a new one.

And as Mary Oliver asks us “What do you want to do with your one precious life” – know what that is and do it.

From my heart to yours,




The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

26 Jan

The more I wander, the more I wonder.

~ Tom Callanan ~

The path is strewn with the debris of broken dreams. Those dreams of forever love, fame and fortune, a room of one’s own, everlasting joy and happiness. Would a different path have made those dreams come true? Was there enough belief? Enough hard work? Recital of the right affirmations in just the right order?

When so many of the choices we made haven’t panned out, how do we trust ourselves, believe it will all work out, don our courage yet again? When we are weary from the journey, how do we continue? How do we distinguish between the fear of new possibilities and the fear that protects us?

Or were they even our dreams – the children, the husband, the degree, the security of hearth and home? Perhaps the debris on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams are simply the remnants of what others deemed dream worthy.

The Boulevard of Broken DreamsAs I wander wondering whether they were my dreams or not, how do I rise above the role of ‘The Apologist’? When do I stop saying I’m sorry for agreeing to disagree. Where is the line in the sand that I say “no more”?

I laughed to myself the other day when I realized I had requested the song “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by the Animals to be sung at my funeral – even when I’m dead I’m apologizing – that is seriously f**ked! And some would say so very Canadian of me although I’m going to go out on a limb and saying it’s so very woman-like along the same lines as being so very accommodating.

Line in the SandEven though I have bent to the whim of culture, I have also broken many of the taboos of the over-culture – no children or husband to call my own; a wanderer and seeker who calls everywhere I land home; a wild wisdom keeper who claims my age while wearing tight jeans and high heeled cowgirl boots; an unrelenting feminist who insists the conversation needs to continue; a bizness woman who believes we need to do it differently – with heart.

“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.” -Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

So, I choose to see the Boulevard of Broken Dreams as having forged the path where I could stand up and show my soul. The dreams that were not mine to dream I give back as I continue to sow the seeds, weed the garden and bathe in the beauty of what has already blossomed.


What taboos have you broken?

What taboos are waiting to be broken so you can show your soul?

What new story is waiting to be told?

From My Heart To Yours




IMG_3475Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her Beloveds in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing.

The Feminine Mystique

16 Jan

Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.

~ Virginia Woolf ~

What’s The Feminine Mystique you may be asking yourself? Well, to me it’s all about community and conversation, the reverent and the irreverent, laughter and tears, introvert and extravert, mystery and transparency, and the total understanding that a perfect pair of boots is essential to one’s happiness.

The Power of FriendshipMy community is my church, my therapist, my collaborator, my trusted friend, my loving truth teller. So it is a life and death experience to me of who I bring into my world. My Tribe is brimming with women so utterly and gloriously different from one another who give my life the meaning, texture and colour woven together into a thing of outrageous beauty.

They do have commonality though, and it is their desire for the juxtaposition of the sacredness of deep conversation that brings meaning and change, jutted up against the sound of a deep belly laugh and the knowing to not take ourselves too seriously. They know, or are willing to explore, the idea that creativity brings transformation. Their way of walking in the world is with love and kindness. They point out the sometimes hard truths even when it is difficult, and I know it is because they love me. They want to be the difference that helps heal the world. They are willing to be vulnerable and fearless, courageous and fearful, happy and angry, reverent and bawdy, joyful and sad, and the paradox that makes up the feminine mystique.

And they travel the highways and byways of life in their own unique way!

bikerWhat does community look like for you?

My wish for you is a Tribe who “gets you,” has your back, makes you laugh, is filled with truth tellers, story tellers, and loves you for you.

From My Heart To Yours,




IMG_3475Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her clients in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing. She is now working in California as a teacher, coach and consultant.

The Dance of Transformation

16 Dec

I want to think again of dangerous and noble things…I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings. ~ Mary Oliver

Isn’t transformation really unavoidable change? Or is it that as we run into unavoidable change we can make the choice to turn it into a transformational moment?

And if we are able to ride on through the ass-kicking, the messiness, the tears, the shame, the blame, the unfairness of it all, don’t we get to the other side of the abyss, claim our gold star and live happily ever after? Whaddaya mean NO!!!!!!

Well then I’m taking my glitter and getting the hell out of Dodge cause…

MamaBut even when it feels like the abyss is a never-ending cauldron of hellfire, I still choose to walk its path because what I know is there is the possibility of more connection, joy, love, peace, and fulfilled purpose. And trust me, when I’m hanging from the meat hook, as my friend, cohort and mentor Jenafer Joy calls it, I am not jumping around the maypole thinking kind thoughts. What I’m cognizant of, though, is I want to feel connected, joyful, loving, peaceful and abundant. So what choices can I make in this moment to get a step closer? Can I take a second in the middle of torment and stop and ask that question? Can you?

choicesSometimes I give myself a great big pink permission slip to rant and moan and groan and roll around in the muck of it all before I allow a spark of possibility to ignite. And then sometimes I crawl around for days and years, others I rise like the Phoenix immediately. And as I inch and sometimes fly towards how I want to feel and be, I shed some more of yesterday and say hello to now and tomorrow.

If creating our lives with intention shifts the energy and the results like I believe it to be so, then I invite you to choose a theme for 2014. What do you want to transform in your life? Perhaps you want to invite love or abundance or travel or freedom or boldness into your being. What will you choose?

How do you want to feel?

What choices can you make differently?

What do you want to shed?

I can’t, won’t, haven’t because…

What would you do if you were “improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.?

Thank you for being a part of my life through this unbearable, fabulous, transformational, beauty-filled 2013.




IMG_3475Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her clients in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing. She is now working in California as a teacher, coach and consultant.

The Mystery of Oneself

16 Nov

The final mystery is oneself. ~ Oscar Wilde

I’m all over what Oscar shares with us in this quote as I’m endlessly surprised at how much of myself is still a frickin’ mystery after all these years of hanging out with myself!

I find my own depth is a mystery I sometimes don’t want to plummet to. It hurts down there. It’s scary in that place of the unknown. There are spiders and snakes and shadows. I have often wished in my past that I was born with a wrist band that gave me directions to my perfect life. Oh, who’s kidding whom – I still want that damn wrist band (of course it has to have great power and beauty – my own version of the Wonder Woman wrist bands!).

turquoise bracelet

Mark Twain does remind us that on our journey of discovery “halfway through you wish you were home.” And no matter what adventure I am embarking on, it feels like halfway through I am calling out for my mommy, sucking my thumb and wishing I were safely tucked away in bed – whether traversing the globe, starting a new project, in the midst of a new relationship, or at a mall during holiday season – I wish I was home. Because Mystery has tended to come dressed as fear and anxiety and looks somewhat like a zombie.

Day of the Dead2

The Sheroe’s Journey is one of courage, of feeling the fear and doing it anyway, of resting in that place of surrender. Now, at this time in my life, I have begun the letting go of that particular mystery story, of fear and the need to know what awaits me. To instead surrender to the beauty and wonder of Mystery. To know that if I continue to show up in my own life, take action and create my life with intention so it reflects my values and the way I want to feel, I will be on the path of creating what I need and desire.

What do you need to embrace the mystery of your life?

What do you need to let go of so you can claim you fully?

What small step can you take every day to move toward how you want to show up in the world?

Woman is Mystery, and I’m all about women rising up together and healing the world so I leave you with a new song from a woman of mystery – Cher.

Womans World


IMG_3475Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her clients in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing. She is now working in California as a teacher, coach and consultant.

10 Oct


This Feminine Business Paradigm 8 Week Mentorship will lead you week by week in designing and creating a business that reflects who you are and the gifts you want to offer to the world.

Starts on October 14 – December 13, 2013

Mary will be joined by her Intentional Creativity Partner
 Catt Zelda Geller
 To Create Your Wildly, Fabulous Bizness through the creation of an Visionary Art Journaling “Smashbook”.

We are calling it Bizness so that it has that creative flair that we know women love.  We are distinguishing ‘business as usual’ for business with heart and fabulousness.  We are women and we want it to be powerful and fun. What – a business course that includes art journaling and virtual heart storming circles? You got it. This is no ordinary Mentorship. This is a visionary rocketship designed to fly you where you really want to go!

This is your business – your way. Who wants to do it like every body else? No one. That is why this bizness program is filled with right brain left brain creative actions so that you can discover what it would look like if you did your business your way.  How do women figure out what that looks like? Well through creating and through being in heart storming circles together.
Often we don’t know how  smart and fabulous we are and having other women tell us supports us on our journey.

Let me ask you a few questions so we can see if this is right for you right now.

♦ Do you have so many ideas but don’t know how to focus or take the first step?

♦ Do you feel like having a coach to mentor you in your business is just what you need to get going?

♦ Are you longing to take radical responsibility for your own life vision? If you said yes, then let’s get radical about it.

♦ Is there something that is tugging at your heart, yearning to come into form as your business or project?

♦ Do you want to get in touch with your own heart truth and share it with your peeps?

♦ Does your definition of success need a major ass kicking? Let’s redefine it together.

♦ Do you want to make a difference in the world with your work but are not sure how to make it happen?

♦ Are you feeling overwhelmed by all that information that is constantly being thrown at you and are still thirsty for answers or don’t know where to start?

♦ Do you want to start a business but want to do it in a way that reflects your feminine creative heart?

If you said yes to more than two of the above – consider that this program has arrived just in time for where you are. I designed it for women who are ready to do the work but want to do it ‘their way’. There is a way to make your business your own and no you don’t have to ‘play the game’. I will show you how. That is what I do. I am the coach for the Creatives and have been for most of my life. I know how to see your gifts and help you discover them so that they can be translated into powerful action. While this is a ‘feminine’ way of working it is in no way about not kicking ass. The question is, which boots do you need to be wearing while you are kicking that proverbial ass?

Are you as pissed off as I am about all the “Feminine Paradigm” messages you are getting in your inbox that are just the same old paradigm messages dressed up in Spanx and a dress? Then come on over to the Heart of the Visionary. Where we create from the heart of the feminine, not from the man in the beige suit. That way of work doesn’t work for us anyway. So let’s try something new.

Are you are fed up with sucking up, shutting up cause you’re supposed to be nice, and faking it until you make it? There is another way and over here at Cosmic Cowgirls University we are a community if women who believe self-expression is the new key to bizness instead of the ‘work hard all your life’ success model.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

This is your time.


Calling All Visionary Hearts – A Note from StellaMac

I have always yearned to gather women who want to create lives built on the feminine perspective of collaboration, relationship building, empathy, compassion, intimacy, community, storytelling, Me Black and Whitehonesty, transparency and a whole lotta laughing. With women who want to create businesses, projects, products that make the world a better place. Who want to be with a community of women who are on a similar path with whom they can have conversations with, hold each other accountable for what they want to accomplish, have a support network and share resources and knowledge. When we do what we do with a full heart even when we’re doing the heavy lifting our life is more joyful.

Do you want to engage in a new conversation and design a new story for yourself that aligns with your values ? Because values are what bring meaning to your vision and passion to your voice. Your values are what make people want to connect with you and be in a long term relationship with you. So what are the values you stand for? Your values are directly linked with creating your business your way. There is an integration that takes place when your business is designed from the heart of your visionary self instead of relying on external sources to tell you what to do. Of course we will help you find the path and the tools that you will need while traveling it – but it comes from you. Our job in the Heart of the Visionary Mentorship is to guide you to get access to those gifts and bring them out into the light where they can be shared.

Join the revolution at Heart of the Visionary and do the work to get clear on what you REALLY want and how you REALLY want to live your life work. It’s about listening to your own voice and not the party line that has been ruling our lives for a very long time – our parents, our friends, the Jones, the government, Hollywood.

I invite you to gain clarity about what success look like for you. The bottom line of profit in the old paradigm does not need to be your interpretation of success. The ends do not justify the means when you look at the world from the Heart of a Visionary.

Discover what your intention for your work is and be that throughout your journey. How do you want your life to flow? And then, create from the visionary heart.

The feminine paradigm of marketing and advertising is not about manipulation of people’s vulnerabilities. The feminine paradigm is about being honest and transparent about who you are and what and why it is important for you to provide your gifts. And most of all – being who you truly are in the marketplace you choose to play in.

In the feminine business paradigm it’s about taking responsibility for the impact we create through our words and images and actions. Social media has changed the world and the way we communicate. We need to treat this ‘invitation’ into people’s lives with graciousness, respect and the spirit of generosity.

Who we choose to be in our tribes will define not only our business success but also our relationship with the tribe as a whole. It is about shared values. Part of our work in Heart of the Visionary is to explore the values we share.

Today, we no longer have to compromise our values in order to be successful. The traditional business paradigm has little regard for feminine traits such as empathy, compassion, collaboration and heart. So let’s say good-bye to that old paradigm. Let’s embrace and leverage our uniqueness instead of ignoring them and create a world that is sustainable and benefits and uplifts everyone.

Let’s say YES to a life with heart, compassion, collaboration, creativity, intimacy, community, storytelling. Will you join me?

With open heart


There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. Martha Graham

Coaching is one of my loves in live – that is part of the reason I am doing this. I love helping women realize their dreams. I would like to be your coach and to create a space for you to take your “biz” to the place you want it to go.

I have had the pleasure of coaching the creative entrepreneurs most of my and for the past 8 years in our Cosmic Cowgirls community.  Here’s what Shiloh Sophia, founder of Cosmic Cowgirls, said about my coaching.

“Mary “Stella Mac” is the coach of coaches. I have worked with her teachings, style, wisdom and insights for over eight years. She is one of those people that when you speak of her, you find yourself saying – it is such a blessing to work with Mary, she sees me, sees the work and her support feels like nothing short of a miracle. My businesses have been able to thrive and I can truly say that would not have happened without Mary. Her breadth of expertise, whether it is from the standpoint of marketing, business plans or how to keep the heart in everything is wide and deep and full of love. When I am in challenge of any kind – I know who to call to help me see all sides and find my way through the tangle. Anyone who gets to speak to this woman, is going to be blessed”. ~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Adrienne Rich Quote

Register Now to begin working on your fabulous biz-ness!

Registration is Open! Pay in full or in four payments: HERE

Starts Monday October 14, 2013

Late Registration open through Tuesday October 23rd!

8 Weeks – $695

By Shiloh Sophia McCloud

This is for you if you are a woman who…

  • Wants to get your business or project going and need some structure and support
  • Is really feeling like a Business Mentor will you help you take your project to the next level.
  • Is ready to vision your future and write your own business plan that reflects your goals, ideas and dreams?
  • Feels like a circle of supportive women would be just the thing to help you take your next step.

What is this creativity stuff all about in connection with business?


By Catt Gellar

The combination of business and creativity requires preparation and surrender. It involves the known and the unknown; fact and symbol; knowledge and metaphor which in turn creates a narrative that is authentic to you. The two together engages both sides of your brain. The artist and the entrepreneur hang out together which creates a conversation that unveils your unique vision. That is why I have invited the wise, witty and brilliant Catt Geller to join the party where she will guide you in creating your Visionary Heart Art Journal using smashbooking.

Catt3Catt Zelda Geller, Rock Star and creator of the ‘Cosmic Smashbook’ phenomena will guide you in using intentional creativity to build a ‘visionary heart journal’ that will inform and call in what is needed to create a business that reflects you. This program uses a combination of online tools combined with creative hands on tools so that you have your foot in both worlds, and your brain!

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.03.13 PM

Here is what you will get by joining Heart of the Visionary Mentorship

  • Be mentored by StellaMac personally through one-on-one coaching calls.
  • Get clear on your BIG DREAM
  • Set a sacred intention for your business.
  • Connect with a Sister Coach in the course so you two can support each other
  • Map out your business with creativity and your unique style.
  • Discover the feminine art of branding and style of business planning.
  • Create a plan for doing the work you love.
  • Listen to your intuition when making choices and decisions for your work.
  • Learn the power of speaking your truth.
  • Create your perfect offerings.
  • Receive clarity on your path.
  • Make choices that align with your values.
  • Craft the ingredients to build your website and a social media presence that reflects who you are
  • Be the Feminine Rock Star that you are by shining your light and stepping into your personal power
  • Learn why self-care is vital to creating a sustainable and abundant business
  • Be transparent and vulnerable to inspire trust with your peeps


  • 60 minute coaching sessions with StellaMac – Four calls.
  • Heartstorming Group Sessions with a small group.
  • Cosmic Smashbook videos with entrepreneur Catt Geller
  • Heart of the Visionary E-book – A Woman’s Workbook Published by Cosmic Cowgirls
  • 3 Live Calls with StellaMac and Catt Gellar (will also be recorded)
  • Weekly Learning Modules with videos and PDF worksheets for each section

All calls will be recorded. You can attend the calls live and ask questions or listen in to the recording at your personal convenience. You can also write in questions ahead of time, if you will not be able to attend the live call in person.

Testimonials from former students and clients:

Mary is immensely gifted at creating the space and supportive environment for women to connect in community in ways that are nurturing, authentic and empowering. With meditation, deep listening and conscious, thought provoking questions, Mary guided us on a journey of self discovery that was truly life-altering. With the safety and trust that Mary nurtured in our community, I was able to tune into my inner guiding light and to create a life where I felt that my voice was valued and heard. I watched many women awaken to their true life purpose, their joy and to a sense of fulfillment for the work that they chose to do in the world and I felt inspired to do the same. Being a student of Mary’s is a beautiful gift that will open wide the door of possibilities to clarifying, envisioning and creating the life of your dreams.” ~ Elizabeth Gibbons – San Francisco

“Mary is a truly a gifted writing facilitator, just as inspiring as Natalie Goldberg, if not even more wonderful!” ~ Clare Rosenfield – New York

“Mary has eagle vision, I have learned how to surrender to a coach who gets me.” ~ Kendall Scott – Santa Fe

There are few things as warm, provocative and inspiring as a conversation with Mary. She is an absolute maven of meaningful mentoring. – Trish O’Malley


  • You are a visionary woman ready to start or take your business to the next level
  • If you are further along your business path and are called to work with us then we invite you want to pick a project to work on within your existing model
  • You are a PASSIONATE, CREATIVE, and SPIRITUAL woman motivated to share your soul’s calling
  • You want to make a difference & make money with your unique and feminine perspective and offerings
  • You are ready to receive the support, guidance, and inspiration to take your business to the next level!
  • You are ready to take full responsibility for creating the life and business you desire!
  • You desire to create your FEMININE PARADIGM way of business.
  • You want to learn practical methods and tools for starting and growing your business
  • Want to discover the power of vulnerability, self-compassion, and being REAL in your business
  • You want to find the courage and inspiration you need to take your work to the next level
  • You want to navigate the complexities of online marketing, and more
  • You want to connect with your feminine expression
  • Make new friends and circles that will support you as an entrepreneur, leader, and creator
  • You know that combining creativity and business is a powerful combination to attain your own inner wisdom and knowledge.

    Register Now and start taking action immediately!

    Registration is Open! Pay in full or in four payments: HERE

    Starts Monday October 14, 2013

    Late Registration open through Tuesday October 23rd!

Express Yourself

16 Sep

“When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.” ~ Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Makes an excellent point – dontcha think?

What’s your relationship with creativity? Do you believe it’s only for other people? Were you told it was a waste of your precious time? Told you didn’t have the talent? It’s not important to your well-being? Yeah, me too.

I’ve written for most of my life. I’ve even been told throughout the years that I’m pretty good at it. I appreciated others’ kind kudos and continued to think it was an excellent skill to have under my dress in order to write book reports and business proposals and eulogies. Creative? Perhaps, but not essential to creating a life worth living.

Always Wanted to Write

Well, I’ve changed my mind. And although I imploded my entire life to move across town and engage women and girls in the process of self-empowerment through their creative spirits, I myself needed to be poked and prodded to pick up a paintbrush. And although having always been attracted to multi-media as an art form I indulged in it only sporadically even though it felt yummy and rich and fun – a fabulous combination I’ve always thought!.

I began my career as an art collector at a very young age. My heart and eyes were drawn to the beauty and texture of image as story. I intrinsically understood the power of art so I yearned and coveted and indulged myself because art engaged all of my senses. Wherever I landed in the world I sought out local artists to find the painting that told a story of a time and a place and evoked the texture of a culture.

Her Time To Shine (My First Painting by Shiloh McCloud)
Her Time To Shine (My First Painting by Shiloh McCloud)

Creativity is a conversation. It creates conversation. It invites wonder. It’s self-reflection. It’s messy and an act of self-care and deep healing.

I do continue to write and journal and do my morning pages as part of my ‘tools as therapy’ soul gathering. They are as important to my well-being and self-expression as are my meditation and prayer practice. And having both participated and taught in painting classes at Cosmic Cowgirls University I know the power of painting as a process tool. And how other people’s art strikes a chord in my heart and informs my process. Well, it appears I have been a slow learner as it has taken me this long to embrace a daily practice of creating. Yep, now my living space is strewn with paints and multi-media supplies and paintbrushes and watercolour pencils that fill me with joy when I wander by them. And it seems I can’t just pass them by without picking something up and stroking colour on the page.

creativityCreativity takes courage.”  ~ Henry Matisse

Two of the things I insist upon for myself are continual learning and being in circle with women, whether one-on-one or in juicy, provoking, spirit enhancing, ass kicking multitudes. They are gifts that keep on giving. And speaking of ass-kicking — this past year has been one of those from hell which ends up having magical outcomes. And it ended up as magical because I have a coach/mentor/guide I work with weekly; I am taking the brilliant Jenafer Joy’s course Conversations in Going Deeper, which I highly recommend to every woman as a way to access your core identity and intuition; I am working in my Cosmic Smash Books with Catt Gellar and I connect weekly with those fabulously juicy women I call FRIEND who enrich my life on every level. And I work with and coach women who I learn from on a regular basis and who also inform me and my process.

When you’re engaged in creativity it provides a context and a container for you to off load your troubles, your angsts, your woes and that never-ending voice inside your head. You’re able to see them and hold them instead of being taken down by them. Migraines vs collage dates – I think I know which one I’m choosing!

Nourish yourself by using creativity as the fuel to spark and provoke and nudge and sprout and break down and break through.

What is one small leap of creative action you can take today? Are you willing to invest in yourself? Time is the one thing we can never get back — are you worth it? I know you are.


IMG_3475Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her clients in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing. She is now working in California as a teacher, coach and consultant.

Mary is passionate about innovative education and business through the lens of a feminine paradigm that incorporates creativity, storytelling and conversation. As a Consultant for the past six years in Canada and the United States, Mary is an expert at supporting individuals and organizations in achieving their goals in a way that is uniquely them. To this end, Mary offers one-on-one coaching and is also the Director of our Cosmic Cowgirls tribe where she gleefully applauds the reverent and the irreverent existing side by side. She is proud to count herself among the revolutionaries creating opportunities for women and girls to transform their lives through publishing healing journals and transformational teaching at Cosmic Cowgirls University. You can also find Mary, aka StellaMac, at